Photo Wall


Im super pumped to show you guys some of the stuff I get up to and I have an over healthy addiction to Photo Walls or Photo Chains! They are hanging everywhere in my room, I practically live in a photo album! So I thought that maybe you guys would like to learn how to make them!

So what you are going to need to make these photo chains is:
– A trusty glue stick
– Scissors
– A pen or pencil
– Photo paper ( if you don’t have any photo paper you can use normal printing paper, it will turn out the same. You can also use Polaroid shots that you already have.)
– Images

First of all you are going to need to chose what images you want to use. Once you have chosen what photo’s you are going to work with cut them out and stick them onto white card, photo paper or white printer paper so that it give the effect that it is a Polaroid photo. If you own a Polaroid camera (wish I did) you can just us photo’s that you have taken.

Next trace/draw what words you would like to appear on your wall, cut them out and paste them down. I have used white paper as the book that I’m using is black so the white stands out but you can use an colour really, depending on what look you are going for!

Lastly, arrange the photo’s on the page to where they look best! Stick them down and you are now complete! You can also cut some string to fit the amount of photo’s that you have and place them in a line along the string and use pegs to hold them in place!image

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!


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