Washi Tape Pencil

So I only just recently discovered ~Washi Tape~ (greatness in a roll!) and its amazing not only does it look great but you can do so many designs and CRAFTY things with it! So as I was scrolling through Pinterest today looking for different things to do with Washi tape, I came across this account that was all about washi tape and the things you can use it for, there where just so many ideas pooping into my head and then I saw that she covered pens in washi tape so I thought you could do the same to a pencil and it doesn’t take that long to make and turns out looking awesome. So enough blabbering here’s how to make a Washi Tape Pencil!
You are going to need:
– A pencil
– Washi tape
– Scissors
1: First of all you are going to need to cut the washi tape to the size of the pencil. Lay the pencil down on one side and place the tape on top, you will now have to push the tape down and it should fit perfectly on three of the six sides of the pencil.
2: Repeat step 1 on the other side of the pencil.
3: Lastly, run your finger over the exposed edges of the tape and hold them down firmly so they don’t become unstuck.
There you have it DIY Washi Tape Pencils! I hope that your pencils turn out well and don’t be afraid to use more than 1 colour, try use 2 or 3 maybe even 4, but try not to make the area feel cramped use colours that work together and are simple.


2 thoughts on “Washi Tape Pencil

  1. “There were just so many ideas pooping into my head”. pooping. Is this meant to be popping???

    Will you make me something like this for my birthday???

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